The motivation of Daemon Blak


Daemon Blak began his journey as a guitarist in 1980. He first took up the instrument with the intent of learning to play the blues. Eventually he became influenced by Jimi Hendrix, which led to him getting kicked out of an R&B band for being "too rock n roll" for their musical direction. That led Daemon to listen to heavier rock music when a friend lent him the albums that would form the core influences of his guitar playing style- Black Sabbath (Heaven and Hell), Iron Maiden (Killers), Metallica (Kill them all), and Ozzy's first solo Album (Blizzard of Oz). There was no turning back from there. Heavy Metal became and remained Daemon's musical direction.

Throughout the 80's, Daemon played in a couple of Metal cover tune bands, most notably, "THE WARNING". In 1992, Daemon retired, got married, had kids, and tried out that "normal life" that everyone encouraged him to live. That lasted about 8 years and after a divorce (2000) and the death of his father (December, 2006), the time had come to get back to his first love. MUSIC.

In January of 2007, Daemon decided to make his comeback. He wrote 25 original songs and recorded them in his home studio. In April 2008, Daemon created metal band "HAMMER OF FATE" with a local drummer. From 2008 to 2009, "HAMMER OF FATE" went through numerous lineup changes. the lineup changes did not create a stable lineup that worked, so "HAMMER OF FATE" was disbanded in November, 2009. In December, 2009 Daemon started over, creating a metal band called "DARK BLU". After experiencing similar headaches with hiring musicians who didn't fit the band, Daemon cleaned house (again) and focused on writing, recording, and producing songs to amass a catalog of original music for live performances and EP releases.

By September, 2013, Daemon had amassed an original copyrighted music catalog 63 songs deep. Female studio session singers are featured on his first 3 EPs. An intensive search continues, in order to find a female soprano rock singer with the right combination of looks, dynamic vocal range, charisma, motivation, and work ethic to get the job done and join Daemon as the lead singer in the live performance band. 
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